Let’s Fall in Love with Our Novel Planning

It’s August!

And something about August just screams pine cones and orange leaves and I have no idea why.

However this month in the Member’s Club we are falling in love all over again with our stories.

That’s right lovebirds, a total revamp of your stories is the focus on this month.

Our theme: Fall in Love

Because we are reeling from the strenuous yet exciting camping trip we had last month, I thought it best we take a break and enjoy the words that we’ve written.

That’s why this month I’ve added a new event to the calendar – Writing Social events.

A lot like our virtual meet-up but not quite.

Here’s what we’ve got planned.

How to Plan your Novel Challenge

This event starts on Saturday August 7th and continues every Saturday until the end of the month. During this event we will be focusing on polishing up our novels, planning new ones, revisiting our story ideas and much more.

Writing Social Event

A mixture of meet-ups and writing, the writing social events are the place to come meet your next writing partner. Have a chance to sit, chat, and plan your next big idea.

Wine, Words, & W.I.P.

The biggest feature of our club is the monthly meetup event, whether we thrust writing to the side and welcome wine and warming conversations.

So come join the fun this August and let’s achieve your writing goals together.

When you join the members’ club you get instant access to the Ultimate Writers Motivation Manifest Kit.

All schedules are inside.