Camp for Success this July

With more than half the year behind us what are we looking forward to in the next five months?

Well let’s take one month at a time.

This month in the Members’ Club, our theme is Camping for Success

Yes people we are spending all day exploring (research) and all night by the campfire telling our most famous writing stories.

If you haven’t guessed, we’re participating in Camp NanWrimo this July.

So for the next 31 days here’s what we’ve got planned.

The Creating Realistic Characters event.

This event starts on Friday 2nd July at 10AM est and occurs every Friday at the same time for the entire month.

During this event we are looking at our character development, character questions, plot holes, and much more.

The July Content Calendar

We have created 31 content ideas you can post to your social media to continue marketing to your target readers as you spend time writing and editing your stories.

Virtual Meetup

We are all about Wine, Words & W.I.P. Once a month we’ve got a meet and greet session where we you can meet other writers like yourself.

Come join the fun this July and help us help you believe and achieve your writing goals.

When you join the Members’ Club you get instant access to:

  • The Ultimate Writers Motivation Manifest Kit

All schedules are available inside.