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Hello future authors, we are so super excited to have you here. The Bookability Partners Club is the home to serious writers aspiring to become published authors. We help you get out of your own way, tap into your power to write, and produce amazing manuscript pieces, ready for publishing. No matter whether you’re a first time writers, a well-seasoned author, looking to get the outline down on paper, trying to finish your first draft, or self-editing, we’ve got you covered.

If you have a dream of becoming the published author one day but struggle to find the time to write then we’d love for you to come join us. We are currently working with other writers from all over the world to turn their manuscript into masterpieces. We have so many resources available for you to help you make progress no matter what stage you are at. We are a global, online membership community for serious writers making their publishing dreams happen.

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The Writers Motivation Manifest Kit

Everything you need to improve your personal life to ensure writing success.

Live Writing Workshops & Events

Get your questions answered and the support you need in a safe environment.

Writing Buddy & Accountability Partner

Work 1-1 with your partner to accomplish your writing goals and complete them.

Virtual Meetups & Zoom Conferencing

Come make friends, get feedback on your story, and of course share your ideas.

Community & Facebook Groups

Connect with many other writers around the world, sharing the same goal.


1-1 Writing Coaching Calls

Get access to 1-1 sessions at anytime convenient to you.

The Writing Process Kits

Three different kit for each stage in the writing process.

The Writers Block Journal

Provided when you need help getting unstuck in your inspiration.

The Writers Dictionary

Contains writing terms, replacements, and more..

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Welcome Home!!!

Hey there writing fambam!

Where have you been? We’ve been waiting on you to show up and show the world your real potential. 

Whether you’re writing a poem, short story, or novel, you have a right to tell that story. And here at the BPC we support you 110%.

 By the way, I’m Jewell, indie author and founder of this amazing community, a place YOU a serious new writer can turn your ideas into masterpieces.

Welcome home!!!

Still got questions??? FAQ's

As a BPC Member you have access to all media, both past and current. You also can receive instant feedback on your story.

The membership is a writing group filled with a supportive community of writers who help each other with their writing problems.

The schedule is released at the middle of the previous month and then the content is released at the beginning of every month.

At the moment is BPC membership is $12/month

You’ll receive live workshops and events, monthly virtual meetups along with writing sessions. Also to you can take part in our monthly challenge.

No, all paying members have unique login profiles.

The membership will be open for a short period of time, so immediate sign up is advised.

To help serious writers like myself to accomplish their writing goals without the hassle and find a community of like-minded people.

You can do so by simply visiting the login information and canceling your subscription.

Everyone has a story.

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